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Our Faculties


Faculty of Medicine

The HPU`s Faculty of Medicine is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and innovation in research and teaching. It aspires to leadership in all areas of research

Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty is recognized as one of the leading centers in the country to offer higher education . It constitutes a dynamic center for everything relating to pharmaceuticals

Faculty of Dentistry

The Faculty of Dentistry promotes optimal health by striving for integrity and excellence in all aspects of research, education and clinical practice

Faculty of Nursing

In the College of Nursing, we seek to raise generations capable of dealing humanely with patients, meeting their basic needs, and being patient with them until they recover

Faculty of Entrepreneurship

In the College of Entrepreneurship, we seek to elevate students' thinking to a high level of management and the ability to make appropriate decisions

Faculty of

The HPU`s Faculty of Engineering comprises three main departments of engineering: Architecture Engineering , Civil Engineering and IT Engineering

Faculty of

We work to graduate students who are able to create and communicate, cope with all challenges, developments and changes in the domain of law

Faculty Of Cosmetology and Healthcare

The Faculty of Cosmetology and Health Care offers the latest professional information on cosmetology industry trends, techniques, and tools


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