Learn with passion to live with purpose.

What Make Us Spcecial?


Who we are

we are Multidisciplinary university

Who we do

It is followed by many specialized professors

How we work

We work according to the best international teaching methods

Meet Our Team

د هيام بشارة
DR. Hyam Bshara
President Of University
DR. Moad Al-Najaar
Vice President for Administrative Affairs
DR. Samar Al-Dyoub
Vice President for Scientific Affairs
DR. Mohamad AL-Noukari
Dean Of Medicine Faculty
عميد كلية الصيدلة د.مازن سلوم
DR. Mazen Salloum
Dean Of Pharmacy Faculty
د. الياس بطرس
DR. Elias Btrous
Dean Of Dentistry Faculty
عميد كلية التجميل د.رياض زحلاني
DR. Ryad Zahlawi
Dean Of Cosmetology Faculty
عميد كلية ريادة الأعمال د.مخائيل ليوس
DR. Michel Layous
Dean Of Entrepreneurship Faculty
د عماد اسحق
DR. Amar Eshaq
Dean Of Nursing Faculty
أحمد حيدر رمضان
DR. Ahmad Haydar ramadan
Dean Of Engineering Faculty
د. ثائر معين أحمد
DR. Thaer Moueen Ahmad
Dean Of Law Faculty

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