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Vision, Mission & Core Values

We aspire to become a fully functional and renowned faculty, providing quality education with excellence. We also aim to impart knowledge in the nuances of the laws, the legitimacy and legalities, developing in the student’s distinct cognitive skills and research aptitude. We work to graduate students who are able to create and communicate, cope with all challenges, developments and changes in the domain of law at the local and regional levels.


HPU`s Faculty of Law is a student-focused law center inspired by the standards of academic excellence, intellectual openness, and service to others. Our mission is to educate diverse, talented students to be responsible leaders in a rapidly changing, interdependent world, to prepare graduates who will be ethical advocates for justice and the rule of law, and to contribute to a deeper understanding of law and legal institutions through a commitment to research, scholarship and public service.
In brief, the Faculty seeks to achieve a leading role in the preparation of qualified graduates, specializing in law in accordance with the overall quality standards.

The HPU`s Faculty of Law aims at

  1. developing an attractive and innovative teaching policy to be able to get the best students;
  2. establishing approach of general awareness among members of the community about the laws and protect them from deviant thoughts and improper, unlawful activities;
  3. developing research and innovation;
  4. ensuring a good governance process that builds the university’s continued strength and educational excellence;
  5. promoting life-long learning and developing professional and employment guidance;
  6. taking care of research and studies of the HPU specialization.
  7. increasing national and international cooperation.