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Vision, Mission & Core Values

The HPU`s Faculty of Medicine is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and innovation in research and teaching. It aspires to leadership in all areas of research activity in order to improve health and social outcomes and health inequalities.
The Faculty is committed to the internationalisation of research and teaching scholarship, and to knowledge generation, management and dissemination, producing highly-qualified and trained graduates that embody the values of the Faculty and are able to play a vital role in the Syrian society.
The Faculty mainly works to improve and provide the medical care to all the Syrian citizens indiscriminately.

The HPU`s Faculty of Medicine educates and inspires individuals to be exemplary physicians and scientists, leaders in medicine, scholars in discovery, and adopters of innovative technology to improve the health and well-being of all people, the Syrians in particular.
Our patient-centered mission is achieved by outstanding medical care and services, groundbreaking research, and leading edge medical education in an environment enriched by diversity.
The Faculty, in close cooperation with agents within public healthcare and medicine, is to contribute to increasing knowledge of high relevance to human health. This is done through education and research of the highest quality in cooperation with wider society.
The HPU`s Faculty of Medicine has outlined the following as its strategic goals:

  1. to excel in medical education and in research in sciences, medical education, and health care;
  2. to provide outstanding, innovative, patient-centered care while transforming health care delivery;
  3. to develop and deliver the highest quality of educational programs in medicine and related health sciences;
  4. to be a center of excellence in fundamental and applied medical research, and in graduate training;
  5. to provide outstanding clinical leadership and professional consultation in the provision of medical services and the development of health-care programs;
  6. to serve as a resource in all of the above areas at the provincial, national, and, where appropriate, international levels;
  7. to develop knowledgeable, compassionate, collaborative, reflective, and professional physicians committed to quality health care and life-long learning;
  8. to provide students with community-based medical education and training that is of international standard and informed by discovery and innovation;
  9. to encourage faculty, staff and students to perform volunteer services in community-oriented events.