Al-Hawash Private University

2018-02-25 A new HPU Board of Trustees is formed

Based on the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 36 regulating the work of private educational institutions and its executive instructions, and the decision of the Supreme Education Council No. 31 containing the rules of scientific accreditation for private universities and the proposal of Al-Mashreq Company for Educational Institutions No. 1 of 2018, the Minister of Higher Education decided:

Article (1): The Board of Trustees of Al-Hawash Private University shall consist of:
Eng. Kamel Majeed Ayoub (Chairman)
Dr. Georges Mtanes Deeb (Deputy)
Mr. President of the University (Member)
Dr. Linda Michael Dawoud (Member)
Dr. Suhail Jameel Saba (Member)
Dr. Hiyam Jameel Al- Bashara (Member)
Dr. Hamid Badi Sulaiman (Member)
Dr. Lama Ali Yousef (Member)
Dr. Maad Yousef Al-Najjar (Member)
Dr. Suheir Al-Rayes (Member)
Dr. Mohamed Sami Al-Hafez (Member)
Mr. Khuder Mohammed Al-Hussein (Member)
Ms. Madonna Kamel Ayoub (Member)

Article (2): The term of the Board of Trustees shall be four years, renewable upon the proposal of the owner.
Article (3): We request you direct people concerned to comply.

Al-Hawash Private University congratulates the new President and members of the Council and wishes them success. It also sends great thanks and appreciation to the former President and members of the Council.


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