Al-Hawash Private University

Mission and goals of the faculty

To meet the rapidly increasing need of modern society for qualified linguists, the HPU Faculty of Language seeks to advance foreign language proficiency and cross-cultural competency. It also aims at preparing qualified linguists able to pursue their studies and work in different fields such as education, translation, and diplomatic and economic affairs.Goals of the Faculty of Languages The Faculty of Languages aims at: 1. Preparing and qualifying specialized staff in the field of foreign languages. 2. Developing students’ skills; promoting their love of knowledge; providing them with high-quality educational experience; and developing their translation skills. 3. Linking faculty majors with the needs of labor market. 4. Encouraging scientific research in the fields of languages and translation. 5. Providing expertise and advice to private and public sectors in the areas of translation and languages. 6. Providing society with oral and written translation works. 7. Enhancing translation procedures from and into Arabic.